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Order MISUMI USA's New Metric Online Product Guide Today!

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MISUMI USA's new metric online product guides features:

Conveyor Catalog

2014 MISUMI Conveyor Catalog

Out of Stock

MISUMI has a range of conveyor systems designed for a variety of applications. MISUMI also stocks parts, which means we can deliver orders quickly and at minimal cost. Key components are also listed in this catalog, which simplifies maintenance and ordering procedures.

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Linear Actuator Catalog

2014 MISUMI Gas Spring Catalog

In Stock – Ready for Immediate Shipment

This New catalog offers a complete overview of our Gas Springs and Accessories. Our new Nitrogen Gas Springs are highlighted in this catalog. These Nitrogen Gas Springs offer unique safety features, ruggedly constructed to high performance and reliability standards.

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Linear Actuator Catalog

2014 MISUMI Linear Actuator Catalog

In Stock – Ready for Immediate Shipment

This Updated Catalog offers a full overview of our popular LX, RS (Robot), KUA and New MSA (Belt Driven) Single Axis Actuators. The MISUMI Configurator empowers Engineer with a proven way to design linear motion and related factory automation components that’s quick, easy and price competitive. Our Single Axis Actuators offer you a new level of flexibility with over 1,000 possible configurations.

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Precision Positioning Stages

2011 MISUMI Standard Precision Positioning Stages

In Stock – Ready for Immediate Shipment

MISUMI's Standard Precision Positioning Stages are ideal as adjustment units for inspection, assembly and processing instruments, and jig applications. Compared to legacy positioning stages, MISUMI's Standard Positoning Stages, developed with adequate level of precision for assembly automation-related applications are lower in price.

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3D CAD CD Label

UPDATED 2014 MISUMI Metric Mechanical Components 3D CAD DVD

1 DVD Covering Metric Mechanical Components

This updated DVD contains CAD files of the more than 1,000,000 components featured in the MISUMI Factory Automation Components Metric Catalog.

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