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Improving work efficiency and reducing cost. MISUMI Simplified Adjustment Units

Product Lineup

[X-Axis] Sensor, Nozzle, Head, etc. Small envelope micro-adjustment, for batch setup, nesting and other applications
  • XKNEJ Starting from: $80.86
  • New Offering, Simplified Adjustment Units
    Standard Series

  • XKNEF Starting from: $98.10
  • Very Large Selection in table size
    and stroke. Standard type.

  • XKRG Starting from: $97.24
  • Smooth and large pitch utilizing rack gears
    10mm/ revolution is the fastest of the series

  • XKS Starting from: $161.46
  • 3.0mm/ revolution
    Standard Large Lead Type

  • XANON Starting from:$333.06
  • Left and Right handed screw allows gripper-like movement.

  • XSEN Starting from: $50.18
  • Low profile design - 9.5mm height
    ± 2.5mm stroke

[Z-Axis] Fine adjustments for wide variety of applications,
  • ZKNEJ Starting from: $114.40
  • Standard type for Z-axis

  • ZKB Starting from: $218.66
  • Very cost effective Rack and Pinion
    scaled shaft design. Does not allow the block to rotate.

  • Designed for use with Barrels and syringes

[XY-Axes] XY stage for two axes adjustment. Select by feed pitch and mounting size
  • XYKNEJ Starting from: $158.60
  • Micro-adjustment using Standard Type Stage.
    Scale Plate available as an alteration

  • XYKRG Price: $211.64
  • XY adjustments using Rack and Pinion mechanism
    No preload resulting in smooth movement

  • XYKS Starting from: $277.55
  • 3 thread start screw with 3mm/ revolution
    Convenient when large pitch is needed

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