3 Reasons Why Your Bearings Need Washout Resistance

At MISUMI we realize that the right components are crucial to a variety of applications especially washdown or food and beverage applications. For this post, we partnered with NTN the manufacturer of the Sentinel Series bearings to give you some reasons why you might need washout resistance in your bearings.

1 – Be Maintenance Free

If your bearings are wearing out faster than expected, chances are you have the incorrect type of lubrication. The correct lubrication for wash down resists wash-out, is food-grade, and solid. Solid lubrication has oil stored in a porous solid material that acts like a sponge and releases the necessary base oil to lubricate the components as it rotates. Solid lube is a maintenance-free lubrication solution for wash-down applications. Having bearing covers is also recommended to protect workers.

All NTN Sentinel Series bearings come pre-lubricated with an NSF H1 registered food-grade solid lube with a 100% fill that is operable in a temperature range of 14°F (-10°C) to 212°F (100°C). This solid lube complies with NSF guidelines and is acceptable for use in food contact and food processing areas.

2 – Failure Reduction

Pinpointing failure of a machine is a tedious task and typically the majority of them point to the components that “move” the most. Bearings are rotating at various RPMs, therefore, could be the ones that go first. Selecting the right bearing will significantly reduce possible machine failures. It is important to research the maximum rpm bearings can handle which will be provided by the manufacturer. It is equally important to know the bearing material. For food-grade applications, stainless steel is recommended especially if you are worried about protective coatings chipping off.

Having the right seals in the bearing is also a factor in reducing failure, the right seal material such as silicone can help protect the ball bearings from washdown.

3 – Longer Machine Life

100% stainless steel ball bearings and inserts make a huge difference in the life of your machine especially in wet washdown applications – conveyors, fillers, and brushing machines. Furthermore, stainless steel or thermoplastic housings with stainless steel inserts prevent corrosion from moisture and harsh cleaning agents. Combined with the proper lubrication – solid lube – machine life is increased exponentially.

BONUS – 4 – Save precious time and cost.

These tips work together to not only complete your machine but also reduces downtime and maintenance which ultimately leads to a cost-effective design with high output. Something that any engineer can attest to.

Be sure to check out NTN’s selection of bearings here.

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