Completing the Puzzle with NC Blocks

We’re back with our NAAMS series! This time we tackle NC blocks. NC (Numerical Code) Blocks are one piece of a NAAMS assembly and are designed to complete the puzzle.

NC Blocks come in 3 main shapes: I-shape, L-shape, and R-shape (rectangular) with 3 or 4 hole configurations which make them versatile components in the NAAMS standard components line (next to locating pins of course). The NAAMS Standards for NC blocks can be found on the NAAMS Global Website here.

NC Blocks differ from L Blocks in that they are designed to directly contact the part being worked on and typically only have one set of mounting holes. The material is steel with a black oxide coating for corrosion and wear resistance. Stainless steel is also available but without a coating. NC Block part numbers start with ANI, ANL, ANR, or ANR2 depending on their shape.

Here is an example of NAAMS assembly with NC blocks used at the end of the clamp arm. In this design, the workpiece would first be positioned by the rough locator and locating pin. Then, the clamp closes and the part is held in place between the NC Blocks while it is being welded or machined in the automation process.

Example of a NAAMS Assembly with NC Block

Because every workpiece is different, there is often a need to go beyond the standard in NAAMS assemblies which is why MISUMI offers custom and standard NAAMS NC Blocks. In fact, you have the ability to submit your 3D drawing directly on our special website, 3D2M! To learn more about our free portal visit our website here. You can also browse selection of standard NAAMS NC Blocks here.

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