Consumer Packaging Part 4: Capping Machines

For part 4 of the consumer packaging series, Capping Machines will be covered. To read up on the previous posts, visit them below.

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The top seal of a consumer product, such as the cap on a bottled iced tea, the top of a carbonated soda bottle, or the spray head on a cleaning product, the end sealing process is arguably the most critical component of the consumer packaging because it ensures product freshness, shelf life, and safety considerations.  To achieve this, the top seal of the product that will be eventually be broken by the consumer must be affixed perfectly every time.

Household Cleaners
Pharmacy Bottles

Most consumers probably do not fully understand the role that the final product seal plays in the freshness and quality of products they consume daily, but this may be changing now that so many products are handled and packaged through delivery and mail services.  Automated, fully customizable industrial machine lines, commonly referred to as Capping Machines, apply the top container seals to consumer goods at extremely high rates of production speed.  A fully automated machine process ensures that products are uniformly sealed in order to preserve product freshness and also ensure that the product is fully leak-proof from the top opening.  At the same time, the cap/seal must easily be removable by the consumer for product use.  All of these goals can be accomplished thanks to automated industrial capping machines.

Cosmetic Capping
Beverage Bottle Capping

These capping machines are large industrial machines that seal an extremely wide variety of consumer products, such as food, beverages, lotions, shampoos, pharmaceuticals, and cleaning chemicals.  Furthermore, there are a few broad categories of caps or enclosures that are largely differentiated by the manner in which they can be removed for consumer consumption.  Each different category of these products can be capped by an automated capping machine.  For example, child-resistant caps are used in pharmaceuticals or medical products to provide a level of security against tampering.  Screw caps are held in place by screw threads, such as those that would be found on juice bottles.  Corks are a different process where they are typically compressed and then inserted into the bottles.  Press-on caps can also be applied on top of bottles by automated capping machines.

Jucie Capping

MISUMI configurable components can allow industrial capping machine lines to affix final seals/caps on huge volumes of consumer product containers.  These capping machines consist of hundreds of components that are meticulously configured to perform the specific functionality required for each unique packaging process.  Dozens of unique categories of components are present on industrial capping machines.  Commonly specified large components consist of belt/chain conveyor assemblies, aluminum extrusions, and timing belts/chains.  Typical medium-sized components consist of bearing units, angle plates, rollers, shaft couplings, shaft collars, lead screws, and mounting plates.  Finally, dozens of small components such as ball bearings, oil-free bushings, gears, washers, handles, clamp levers, springs, knobs, and screws are also present in almost every subassembly comprising the capping machine setup.

No matter the packaging challenge, the MISUMI can provide component solutions that can be leveraged to build custom capping machines configured to quickly and efficiently seal a huge range of consumer products. Visit our dedicated page to the packaging industry here.

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