MISUMI Becomes a One-Stop-Shop for a Kiosk Machine Manufacturer

MISUMI has had the honor of working with a variety of manufacturers of unique and cutting-edge technologies. One such customer is a manufacturer and supplier of self-service kiosk machines. They have led the industry in the design and manufacturing of self-service solutions since 1993. They bring automation to life, transforming operational efficiency and elevating daily customer experiences. This industry-leading company offers both standard kiosks to fit any use case and custom kiosks for specific needs and requirements. Over the years they have deployed 250,000+ kiosk solutions. They also offer dedicated expert support to their clients and software integration products for self-service machines.

The Problem

The manufacturer and supplier-customer had a large project requiring the need for many specialty fasteners including pre-assembled washer screws. The customer contacted a few different suppliers. However, after waiting for the samples to arrive, the customer received unassembled washers and screws, requiring additional time and labor to assemble these pieces.

In addition to this, the customer required small quantity orders, but the online suppliers had strict limitations and required a minimum quantity that surpassed the needs of the customer.

Finally, the customer required a reliable partner that would be available and easy to order from for the remainder of the project. The suppliers found online were not meeting their needs and requirements.

The Solution

After not finding a supplier for their needs, the customer found MISUMI online and reached out to our team. MISUMI covered the majority of specialty metric fasteners required by the customer. This included flanged lock nuts, pre-assembled washer screws, hex nuts, and more.

In addition to providing the customer with the needed parts, MISUMI offered low quantity orders which helped the customer save money on the samples needed for their project.

The availability of all the necessary fasteners in one place meant the customer now had a consolidated supplier, in other words, a one-stop shopping service for their project.

Throughout the duration of the project, which lasted a year, MISUMI was able to provide them with lead time reliability, repeatable quality products, and exceptional customer service for all their questions and changes over the project period.  

MISUMI is proud to partner with industry-leading and cutting-edge companies, providing solutions to bring their designs to life. To learn how MISUMI can help with your fastener needs, check out our vast selection here.

About the Author

Carlicia Layosa

Carlicia is a Product Marketing Engineer at MISUMI. She holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master's degree in Energy Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate, Marketo Certified Expert, and is passionate about education and training.

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