Testing the Endurance of Flying Cam Units for High Tensile Strength Steel Stamping

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MISUMI improved the MGFV flying cam units for high tensile strength steel stamping after feedback from customers. The new design, T-MGFV series, has an improved working force, better bite prevention with a gas spring, and the same mounting capability as the MGFV series.

To make sure the new design stood the test wear, an endurance test or stress wear test was performed. Continue reading for the test details and results.

Test Summary

A load equivalent to the allowable working force was set on the tool mounting surface of the cam unit and a 300,000 stroke endurance test was conducted.

Cam Unit Tested: T8-MGFV65-30

Test Conditions

Set Load: 78.5 kN (8.0 Tons)

Press Stroke: 160 mm

Number of Strokes: 300k

Stroke Speed: 30 spm (strokes per minute)

Load Length: 2 mm

Test Machine

Endurance Test Results

The total amount of wear after the 300,000 stroke endurance test was 10.1 µm which does not affect tool clearance.

(Amount of wear for Cam slider + Bottom plate = Tool height variation)

Total amount of wear = 10.1 µm = 5.0 µm (Cam Slider)+5.1 µm (Bottom Plate)

No galling occurred during the endurance test, and the condition of the sliding surface was good after 300,000 strokes.

Before and After Results of Each Component

As depicted above, the wear is visibly minimal on the cam slider after the test was completed.

Graph Depicting Total Wear Amount vs. Number of Strokes

The graph above shows the total wear of the cam slider and bottom plate during the endurance test. When the number of strokes increased, the total amount of wear remained relatively the same. 

New Feature Details

Supports High Working Force

By upgrading the material of internal components, sliding surface area, and tucking angle, the improved wear resistance increases the working force.

Mounting Compatibility

Compared to conventional standard flying cam units (MGFV65, 80), the mounting surface position, shut height, mounting surface area, and mounting hole position are the same.

Bite Prevention

Adopting a gas spring as the cam return pressure source generates an enhanced cam return force (approximately 9% of the allowable working force). This resolves the lack of stripper force.

Flying Cam Unit Features


After several design updates and a thorough endurance test, MISUMI’s T-MGFV flying cam unit is now ready for the rigorous stamping of high tensile strength steel.

To learn more about MISUMI Flying Cam Units and other die components for High Tensile Strength Steel Stamping, visit here.

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