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The Disadvantages of Assembling Connectors and the Advantages of Cordsets

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There is a wide variety of connectors. They can be circular or square in shape, made of metal or nylon, and come in a variety of sizes. Some of these connectors have a fixed standard, such as the MIL standard, while others have been developed independently by the manufacturer. From among such a large number of connectors, you need to select the connector that best suits the environment in which it will be used. (Check out our post: How to Choose the Right Electrical Connectors)

Of course, connectors do not function by themselves but are assembled with cables and contacts. We often hear people say that they have a hard time assembling them.

First of all, each connector determines what cables and contacts can be used with it, and it is not possible to use products that do not match the size.  This makes it time-consuming to select the correct products. In addition, in many cases, those components will often be excess and waste inventory because of the high MOQ (minimum order quantity).

Furthermore, in many cases, special tools such as crimping tools are required for each connector, which is very expensive.

After overcoming these obstacles and completing assembly, a quality barrier awaits. Many people may have experienced that the cables they assembled with great effort were unusable because they did not conduct for some reason.

There is a simple solution to these problems – pre-assembled cordsets. That way you don’t have to worry about cable and contact combinations, and you don’t have to purchase expensive tools. You don’t have to spend time on assembly, and their quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Cordsets will be a very reassuring companion that will reduce your burden.

Some of you may know the advantages of buying cordsets but have been doing your own assembly because they are available in a few different lengths. MISUMI offers a number of made-to-order cordsets that allow you to specify the cable length in 0.1m increments. Please check MISUMI’s lineup and experience the convenience of cordsets here.

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