Clear Resin and Glass Plate Properties

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Glass Properties Data Sheets

Values shown below are for reference only.

Glass Mechanical Propertie
Item Flexural Stress Poisson's Ratio Young's Modulus Vickers Hardness
Unit MPa μ MPa kgf/mm2
Float 49 0.23 7.16x104 548
Heat Resistant 0.2 64x103


Glass Thermal Properties
Item Operating Temp. Max. Temp. Softening Temp. Linear Expansion
Thermal Conductivity Specific Heat
Unit C C C C−1 W/m.K J/kg.K
Float 100 380 720~730 8.5x10−6/C
1 753
Reinforced 210 250
Heat Resistant 250 450 820 1.2 800


Glass Other Properties
Item Light Transmittance Specific Gravity Chemical Resistance
Oil Acid Alkali Organic
Unit τ(%)
Float 90.1 2.5 ×
Reinforced 2.5 ×
Heat Resistant ×