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Components for body-in-white

Build an automatic assembly cell with MISUMI parts

This assembly cell is built almost entirely from MISUMI parts. Each of the 6 stations consists up to 96% of MISUMI components. Our broad product range makes MISUMI a one-stop-shop for numerous body-in-white applications in automotive engineering. Watch the video now to learn more.

Be inspired by our inCAD Library

Everyday engineers are faced with new design challenges. With MISUMI’s inCAD Library, engineers don’t need to start from scratch. Get inspired from hundreds of industrial applications and download the CAD for free. Here are 3 examples for typical BIW applications.

Adjustable Height Clamping Mechanism

Adjustable Height Clamping Mechanism

Download now

Workpiece Rotate and Transfer Mechanism

Workpiece rotate and transfer mechanism

Download now

Conveyor with Escapement

Conveyor with escapement

Download now

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