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Modular Assembler

Category List

Positioning, Adjusting, Detecting
A1-C043-AA-S Shock Absorber Set
A3-C032-AA-S Adjustment Bolt Set
A4-C048-AA-S Block with Plunger
A5-C051-AA-S Proximity Sensor Bracket with Rail
A6-C053-AA-S Micrometer with Bracket
A8-C028-AA-S Leveling Screw Set
A9-C005-AA-S [High Accuracy] Dovetail Groove Rack and Pinion Stage Set
Rotary, Linear
B1-C042-AA-L Timing Pulleys & Belts for Conveyance
B6-C050-AA-L Wheel with Groove
B7-C022-AA-L One-Sided Rollers
B8-C057-AA-L Compact Cylinder with Bracket
B9-C16-AA-L Idler Sprocket with Pin
B13-C015-AA-S Tensioner Unit with Idler
B14-C037-AA-S Height-raising Engineered Plastic Roller
C11-C007-AA-S Pipe Stand with Rotary Connector
C9-C035-AA-L Photoelectric Sensor Mounting Stand
C16-C070-AA-S Stand for Free Guide Arms
C17-C017-AA-S Adjuster Units for Aluminum Extrusions
C18-C018-AA-S Adjustment Pads with Screw Holder
C19-C061-AA-S Stand with Clamp Gate-shaped