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What is inCAD Library?

  • Helpful application examples for mechanical engineers.

The Concept of inCAD Library

  • Online application library with a range of ideas for all manufacturing industries.
  • Save design time and learn new design applications when you are concepting new machines.


  • MISUMI may not offer all parts in each application design. Available parts can only be purchased separately not as a unit shown in each application design.
  • MISUMI does not guarantee quality, accuracy, functionality, safety or reliability for the combination of the parts in each application example. Accept these points prior to use.
  • 2014 Copyright MISUMI
  • The data cannot be used for any purposes (including sales promotion) except for designing your machine.
  • All associated CAD is free. Misumi reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate or modify this offer.
  • MISUMI may change, add or delete application examples posted without prior notice.
  • MISUMI assumes no responsibilities for any damage incurred resulting from your use of the Service or any change, addition or deletion by MISUMI of the application examples for any reason whatsoever.

inCAD Library Features

  1. Get great new design ideas for these application examples.
  2. Over 300 design application ideas
    collected from dozens of industries!

  3. Find application examples quickly! Search by function, workpiece shape, etc.

  4. Download the CAD models for each application example.
  5. Log in to download free CAD models.
    Download CAD for the entire application example!

Good IDEA! button

Click the Good IDEA! Button when you like an application example!

*Can only be clicked once per application example.

  • Upper right corner on the page of application example details

  • Pop-up dialog for CAD data downloading

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  • No.000099 Continuous Inspection Mechanism Continuous inspection mechanism where specimen is positioned by a linear actuator. positioned by a linear actuator. Relevant category...Inspection/Measurement Single axis actuator Product name Single...Single Axis Actuators LX15 Standard / Cover...
  • No.000024 Semi-automatic Grinding Device A single axis robot with vertical movement controlled by hand. through the use of an actuator and human a single axis actuator. Target workpiece...86.24N select an actuator with a maximum load...
  • No.000108 Linear Movement Mechanism Low speed stroke for a short distance. NOTE Uses a rotary actuator as a drive source...source. The rotary actuator is used to save space...upward stroke. This actuator is also used because...
  • No.000117 Multi-Stroke Cam Mechanism Multiple-step stroke with a minimum actuator stroke with a minimum actuator Relevant category...both the rotating actuator and eccentric cam...achieved with minimum actuation. The use of an eccentric...
  • No.000289 Removal of Static Electricity from Large Workpieces Parallel use of two single-axis actuators two single-axis actuators Relevant category...Treatment Single Axis Actuator Product name Single...Single Axis Actuators LX45 Standard / Cover...
  • No.000308 Sheet Forming Machine Simplified bending/forming machine tip of the rotary actuator. Back to page top...driven by a rotary actuator A sheet in a positioning...adjustable rotary actuator is rotated at a...
  • No.000220 Workpiece Positioning Mechanism Positioning in X and Y directions with a single cylinder. directions with a single actuator By diagonally pressing...three positions. The actuator positioning rollers...diagonally. Two actuator positioning rollers...
  • No.000109 Feeding Mechanism Stops and separates round bars in one step. means of a single actuator. By setting the...action by a single actuator is made possible...Operation The electric actuator is used to operate...
  • No.000290 Roller Conveyor Mechanism Prevents workpieces from being dislodged during turns. cylinder and a rotary actuator. Points for use...amount: 30mm Rotary actuator oscillation angle:...workpiece (1kg) + rotary actuator (8.3kg) + conveyor...
  • No.000026 Box Flaps Holder Cardboard box lids are held open in four directions simultaneously to prevent box shifting directions Rotary actuators are coupled together...Components Rotary actuator with 90deg. rotation...components Select rotary actuator with effective torque...
30Examples  1-10Examples  1 Page
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