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Service Units - Regulator, Filter, Lubricator

Days to Ship : 4 Days

Set of Filter, Regulator and Lubricator (F, R and L equipment)

Service Units - Regulator, Filter, Lubricator:Related Image

[ A ] Accessories: Pressure Gauge 1 pc.
Bracket 1 pc.

■Component List
No.Name[ M ]MaterialNo.Name[ M ]Material
Regulators with FilterMSFRAttachmentAluminum Casting Alloy 383.0
BracketAluminum Casting Alloy 383.0Hex Socket Head Cap Screw4137 Alloy Steel
GasketNBR Nitrile Rubber
[ ! ]The drain valve automatically drains when the pressure becomes 0.5 MPa or less.


Part Number
Part NumberRc
Nomi. Filtration
Operating Pressure
Pressure Setting Range
Pressure Resistance
Oil Capacity (cm3)Min. Dripping Flow Rate
Recommended OilAmbient Temperature Range
Applicable FluidMass (g)
MSFRRR8A1/450.05~1.00.05~0.851.55550Turbine Oil 1 Type
(ISO VG32)
[ ! ]Min. Dripping Flow Rate shows the flow rate when the primary pressure is at 0.5 MPa. (ANR) [ ! ]Lubricator Specifications have been changed. For details, see MSRR (Click here)
[ ! ]For orders larger than indicated quantity, please request a quotation.
Part Number
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Regulator Unit Combination
  • Regulator with Filter + Lubricator
  • Regulator with Filter + Filter
Connection Dia.
  • Rc1/4
  • Rc3/8
Filter, Filtration Level
  • 5µm
Lubricator, Min. Dripping Flow Rate(l/min)
  • 50
  • 60
Compressed Air Quality
  • General Quality Dry Air
Max. Operating Pressure(MPa)
  • 1
Bowl Material
  • PC
Bowl Guard
  • Included
Relief Mechanism
  • Relief
Flow Direction
  • Standard Flow (Left to Right)
Filter, Drain Storage Capacity(cm3)
  • 25
Drain Cock
  • Auto/Manual
Pressure Gauge
  • With Standard Pressure Gauge
Lubricator, Oil Storage Volume(cm3)
  • 55
  • 780
Nominal (No.)
  • 8A
  • 10A
Ambient Temperature Range(℃)
  • 5~60
Operating Pressure Range(MPa)
  • 0.05~1.0
Days to Ship
  • 4 Days or Less
  • 2D
  • 3D

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