HFS6 Series Curved Aluminum Extrusions

HFS6 Series Curved Aluminum Extrusions:Related Image
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[ M ] Material: A6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy
[ S ] Surface Treatment: Clear Anodize


Part Number-A-B-R
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Part NumberA 1mm IncrementB 1mm IncrementR*SeriesMass kg/mSectional Area mm2Cross Sectional Moment of Inertia mm4
HFS60.90 3332.83x1042.83x104
* Bent panels for R300 and R500 are not available.


HFS6 Series Curved Aluminum Extrusions:Related Image

Alterations are not applicable to all frames. 


Category Alteration Names Codes Explanations Catalog Page
Aluminum Frame  Alteration Summary/Chamfer/Part# Labeling Service P2-679&680
End Tapping End Tapping on Center Hole LTP/RTP/TPW
Add tappings on frame ends. P2-681
End Tapping 4 Corner Holes LSP/RSP/SPW P2-692
Specify How to Cut Precision Cut SC

Change total length tolerance. (L±0.5→L±0.2)

Available only for L≦1500

45 deg Cut L_T45/R_T45 Cut at 45 deg angle. 
Wrench Access Holes Wrench Access Hole at Fixed Position LWP/RWP Add wrench access holes at fixed position for blind joints.  P2-683&684
Wrench Access Hole at Specified Position AH/BH/AV/BV Add wrench access holes at specified position for blind joints. P2-685&686
Counterbores Counterbores at Specified Position Z6/XA100

Add counterbores at specified position. Use the holes for connecting the frames and a table top. 

Holes for Specific Blind Joint Type D Hole LDH/RDH Add holes needed for Single Joint connection. P2-688
S Hole LSH/RSH Add holes needed for pre-assembly double joint connection. P2-689
M Hole LMH/RMH Add holes needed for post-assembly double joint connection. P2-690
L Hole JLP/KLP Add holes needed for parallel joint connection.  P2-691
Other Alterations GNFS/GFS Series End Tapping LTS/RTS/TSW Add end tappings on high rigidity frames.  P2-692
HFSR Series End Tapping LTS/RTS/TSW Add end tappings needed for adding a protection cover on the end fo HFSR series frame. 

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship RoHSL Dimension Fixed, Specified A

7 Days or more

CompliantConfiguration200 ~ 1500200 ~ 1000140 ~ 500

7 Days or more

CompliantConfigurable200 ~ 1500200 ~ 1000140 ~ 500


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HFS6 Series Curved Aluminum Extrusions:Related Image


Basic Information

Standard Extrusion Size(mm) 30 Extrusion Series 6 Series Extrusion Type Curved
Extrusion Type HFS Surface Finish Clear Anodize Surface Milled None
Material A6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Size - Width (A)(mm)(mm) 30 Extrusion Size - Thickness (T)(mm)(mm) 30

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