1049 Carbon Steel Precision Cut Plates

1049 Carbon Steel Precision Cut Plates
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Based material is milled on top, bottom, side surfaces and precisely cut to the length.

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1049 Carbon Steel Precision Cut Plates:Related Image
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1049 Carbon Steel
1045 Carbon Steel for T6, 8, 10 and 11

1049 Carbon Steel Precision Cut Plates:Related Image

*Features of Precision-cut Plates : Inexpensive and short lead time
An inexpensive product with short lead time. This plate is made by precisely cutting by 1mm increment a base metal of top, bottom and 2 sides are milled.


*Precision Standard                                                                                (Max. Value)
ItemConditionStandard Value
Width ParallelismLength  minimum~200mm0.03
Length  201~500mm0.05
Length  501~maximum0.1
Thickness ParallelismTo length 100mm and width 100mm0.05
FlatnessT  6~150.05
Perpendicularity of Reference Plane
* 4 corners on each side
Circumference ChamferingBurr-free is required.
Chamfering may be about C0.1.

Basic Information

Finish Method Precision Cut Material 1049 Carbon Steel

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