30x30 Aluminum Extrusion - 6 Series, Base 30 (MISUMI)

30x30 Aluminum Extrusion - 6 Series, Base 30 (MISUMI)
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Due to increased freight costs, some of the products below may have increased pricing for lengths of 2500mm+.

HFS6 Series 30mm x 30mm

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Part Number-L

■Configurable Length Extrusions
Type[ M ]Material[ S ]Surface TreatmentPart NumberL 0.5mm IncrementMass kg/mSectional Area mm2Cross Sectional Moment of Inertia mm4
HFSA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum AlloyClear AnodizeHFS6-303050~40000.93332.83x1042.83x104
HFSA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum AlloyBlack AnodizeHFSB6-303050~40000.93332.83x1042.83x104
HFSA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum AlloyBaked - on Fish YellowHFSY6-303050~40000.93332.83x1042.83x104
HFSLA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum AlloyClear AnodizeHFSL6-303050~40000.762802.68x1042.68x104
HFSLA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum AlloyBlack AnodizeHFSLB6-303050~40000.762802.68x1042.68x104
GFS6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy EquivalentClear AnodizeGFS6-303050~40001.023773.47x1043.47x104
[ ! ]Applicable to 6000mm depending on products.
[ ! ]For some extrusions, MISUMI may be unable to accept the order.
Refer to Information of Special Orders (P.103) and contact the person in charge of Special Orders at MISUMI QCT Center.



Aluminum Extrusion - 6 series, Base 30:Related Image

Alterations are not applicable to all frames. 

CategoryAlteration NamesCodesExplanationsCatalog Page
Aluminum Frame  Alteration Summary/Chamfer/Part# Labeling ServiceP2-679&680
End TappingEnd Tapping on Center HoleLTP/RTP/TPW
Add tappings on frame ends.P2-681
End Tapping 4 Corner HolesLSP/RSP/SPWP2-692
Specify How to CutPrecision CutSC

Change total length tolerance. (L±0.5→L±0.2)

Available only for L≦1500

45 deg CutL_T45/R_T45Cut at 45 deg angle. 
Wrench Access HolesWrench Access Hole at Fixed PositionLWP/RWPAdd wrench access holes at fixed position for blind joints. P2-683&684
Wrench Access Hole at Specified PositionAH/BH/AV/BVAdd wrench access holes at specified position for blind joints.P2-685&686
CounterboresCounterbores at Specified PositionZ6/XA100

Add counterbores at specified position. Use the holes for connecting the frames and a table top. 

Holes for Specific Blind Joint TypeD HoleLDH/RDHAdd holes needed for Single Joint connection.P2-688
S HoleLSH/RSHAdd holes needed for pre-assembly double joint connection.P2-689
M HoleLMH/RMHAdd holes needed for post-assembly double joint connection.P2-690
L HoleJLP/KLPAdd holes needed for parallel joint connection. P2-691
Other AlterationsGNFS/GFS Series End TappingLTS/RTS/TSWAdd end tappings on high rigidity frames. P2-692
HFSR Series End TappingLTS/RTS/TSWAdd end tappings needed for adding a protection cover on the end fo HFSR series frame. 

Part Number Being Previewed: 

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship RoHSExtrusion Type Surface Finish Material Length L
Length L

4 Days

10HFS (Standard)Clear CoatingA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy-50 ~ 4000

1 Day

10GFS (High Rigidity)Clear Anodize6061 Aluminum AlloySS-T6 Equivalent-50 ~ 4000

1 Day

10HFS (Standard)Clear AnodizeA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy-50 ~ 4000

1 Day

10HFS (Standard)Black AnodizeA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy-50 ~ 4000

25 Days

10HFSL (Lightweight, Standard)Clear AnodizeA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy-50 ~ 4000

4 Days

10HFSL (Lightweight, Standard)Black AnodizeA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy-50 ~ 4000

4 Days

10HFS (Standard)Baked-on Finish (Yellow)A6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy-50 ~ 4000

Same Day


10HFS (Standard)Clear AnodizeA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy1000-

1 Day

10HFS (Standard)Black AnodizeA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy4000-

25 Days

10HFSL (Lightweight, Standard)Clear AnodizeA6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy4000-


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Basic Information

Standard Extrusion Size(mm) 30 Extrusion Size 30x30 Extrusion Shape Square
Number Of Grooved Surfaces Four Side Slots Surface Milled None Extrusion Size - Width (A)(mm) 30
Extrusion Size - Thickness (T)(mm) 30

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the load capacity of this extrusion?
Answer: The formulas to determine load capacity of extrusions can be found at: https://us.misumi-ec.com/pdf/fa/2010/p2431.pdf
Question: What is the length tolerance of this extrusion?
Answer: The standard length tolerance is +/-0.5mm.
Question: What is the standard surface treatment of these aluminum extrusions?
Answer: Unless specified otherwise (selecting black anodize, etc.), clear anodizing is used as a standard surface treatment to help protect the extrusion.

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