Dynamic Connector Socket Housing (D3200 Series)【20 Pieces Per Package】

Dynamic Connector Socket Housing (D3200 Series)

Manufactured by Tyco Electronics AMP (presently: TE). Specialized for FA applications. 600 V Supported Housing for Signal / Power Supply. 1 pack contains 20 pieces.

  • UL
  • CSA
  • TUV
  • For Power Supply
  • For Signal
  • Sensor
  • Motor
  • Caulking

● Housing using female (socket) contacts. Mates with the plug housing.
● Available from Misumi as a pack, this product has an original Misumi model number.
● Manufacturer: Tyco Electronics  

Rated Voltage: 600V AC / DC
Compatible Wire Size: AWG28 – AWG16 or 0.08 mm2 – 1.25 mm2

· Quantity: 20 pcs. / pack. Please note.
· Contacts are sold separately.
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Dynamic Connector Socket Housing (D3200 Series):Related Image

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Dynamic Connector Socket Housing (D3200 Series):Related Image
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20 Pieces Per Package

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20 Pieces Per Package

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20 Pieces Per Package

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Dynamic / DK


● Dynamic / DK connectors are compact nylon connectors developed especially for industrial equipment. With strengthened housing and contacts compared to conventional products, and a wide selection of housing types, these connectors are especially suited for use with FA equipment.
● Dynamic / DK connectors are suitable for both power supply and signal use.
● 3100 series with rated 250 V, 3200 series with rated 600 V, and 5200 series with rated 630 V available.
● The Dynamic Series and DK series are compatible connectors.

Common Specifications

● Uses the housing lance method
Fixing after the contact housing is installed commonly uses a locking method in which a lance on the contact side is latched on to the housing. These connectors instead use a housing lance method in which a lance is located on the housing. Because there is no lance on the contact, contacts will not become tangled during operation or storage, and issues such as the lance becoming deformed are eliminated. Consequently, insertion into the housing is easier, and secure connections are possible without the wires becoming disconnected. A locking sound when properly inserted notifies of a secure connection. Easy removal using a dedicated removal tool.

Design includes prying prevention structure

Both male (pin) (including circuit board connectors) and female (socket) connectors are ribbed (convex/concave) and interlock making them highly resistant to prying. Product features a built-in safety design - the male (pin) and female (socket) must be perfectly inserted with no looseness between the housing for contacts to connect.
● About contact pressure
Contact pressure is divided into high pressure and standard pressure based on the sub-beam position. Misumi standard inventory consists of gold-plated standard contact pressure models.
Plating Contact Pressure Type Contact Pressure Use Number of Insertions / Removals
Gold Standard Contact Pressure Approx. 150 g For multi-core circuits with frequent insertions / removals used for signal / power supply 500 times
High Contact Pressure Approx. 250 g For signal, power supply, and motor applications with large vibration 500 times
Tin High Contact Pressure Approx. 400 g For signal and power supply applications with less frequent insertions / removals 100 times
● Advantages of Gold-Plated Contacts
Choice of gold or silver plated contacts will depend on operational factors such as voltage, current, environment (vibration, temperature, gases, etc.), core numbers, etc.
In general, gold plating is recommended for industrial devices.

Plating Type and Electrical Capacity

  Gold Plate Undetermined Zone Tin-plated Not Plated (Reference)
Voltage 3 V or less 3 ~ 30 V 30 ~ 100 V 100V or more
Current 1 A or less 1 ~ 10 A 1 ~ 10 A 0.1A or more
As shown on the table listed above, gold plating must be used for conditions of 3 V ,1 A and below. Tin plated products may be used for 30 V, 1 A or higher applications. While tin plated products are appropriate for Clean Environments, please use gold-plated products for unfavorable environmental conditions such as high temperature/humidity, various gases, high vibration, frequent insertion/removal etc.
● Use of Tab / Recessed Contact Method
Use of the plate tab style on the male side and recessed style (to receive the flat plate) on the receiving female side improves the prying resistance of the structure. 3 point contact method provides highly reliable connections.

Easy insertion and removal

Simply insert the connector to plug it in. There will be an audible locking sound when it is properly inserted. In addition there is a fitting confirmation line that can also be used to check for proper fit. Pinch the 2 lock levers on both sides of the housing for easy removal.

Common Specifications (3100 and 3200 Series)

Material / Finish

Simply insert the connector to plug it in. There will be an audible locking sound when it is properly inserted. In addition there is a fitting confirmation line that can also be used to check for proper fit. Pinch the 2 lock levers on both sides of the housing for easy removal.
Type Material Finish
Female Contact Copper Alloy Gloss Tin-Plating and Gold Plating Over Nickel Base
Male Contact
Housing UL94V-0, Polyester with Glass Fiber Reinforcement (PBT), PPS (SMT type), Black

Compatible Wire Size

AWG Conductor Section Area mm2
Size 28 ~ 16 0.08 ~ 1.25


Item D3100 Series D3200 Series
Rated Voltage 250 VAC / VDC or less 600 VAC / VDC or less
Rated Current* 1-core: 12A
3-core: 15 A
6-core: 10A
16-core: 8A
(Used with AWG16 wires)
Peak Voltage 1,500 VAC / minute 2,200 VAC / minute
Contact Resistance 10 mΩ or less
Operating Temperature Range -55°C ~ +105°C
Insulation Resistance 1,000 MΩ or higher
Insertion / Removal Force (per core) Insertion: 500 g or less. Removal: 30 g or more
Contact Retention Force 49N or more
Temperature Rise (Rated Conditions) 30°C or less
Durability Contact resistance at 10 mΩ or less after 500 trials (100 mm/min.) of insertions and removals
* Rated current value indicates the current value per core. Consequently, a 6 core connector can handle a current of 60 A. However, please be aware that rated current value per core will decline as the number of cores increases. If you don't see your desired core count on the chart to the left, please use the current curve below for reference.


Specifications / Series 3100 Series (3.81 mm pitch) 3200 Series (5.08 mm pitch)
Rated Voltage Rated Current Rated Temperature Rated Voltage Rated Current Rated Temperature
AMP Standard
250 V (See table below) -55°C ~ +105°C 600 V
(single connector use)
(See table below) -55°C ~ +105°C
by conditions specific to
the device in use
by conditions specific to
the device in use
- Determined
by conditions specific to
the device in use
by conditions specific to
the device in use
Report No.
250 V 8 A, max. - 250 V 8 A, max. -
License No.
IP Protection, IP-00
Overvoltage Category (II)
Repeated Insertion/
Removal: 50 times
250 V
28 2
26 3
24 3
22 4
20 5
18 6
16 8
14 8
-20°C ~ +105°C 500 V
28 2
26 3
24 3
22 4
20 5
18 6
16 8
14 8
-20°C ~ +105°C

Common Specifications (5200 Series)


Rated Voltage 630 VAC / VDC
Rated Current 30 A max. (Refer to Table A)
Peak Voltage 3,000 VAC (1 minute)
Insulation Resistance 1,000 MΩ or higher
Contact Resistance 2 mΩ or less
Applicable Electric Wire Range AWG16 ~ 10 (1.23 ~ 5.50 mm2)
Suitable Electric Wire Insulation Coating Outer Diameter 3.0 ~ 5.2 mm
Operating Temperature Range -55 ~ +105°C
Compatible Panel Thickness 1.6 ~ 2.4 mm ±0.1
Table A
Used Wire Size (AWG) 10 12 14 16
Current (Ampere) 30 25 19 16

Material / Finish

Type Material Finish
Female Contact Copper Alloy Gold plated over nickel base coat
and silver plated over nickel base coat
Male Contact
Housing UL94V-0, polyester with glass fiber reinforcement (PBT), black

[Compatibility Table]

3100 Series
D3100 DK3100
1-178288-3-20P MDK-3100S-03R-20P
1-178288-5-20P MDK-3100S-05R-20P
178289-3-20P MDK-3100D-06R-20P
178289-5-20P MDK-3100D-10R-20P
1-177648-3-20P MDK-3100S-03F-20P
1-177648-5-20P MDK-3100S-05F-20P
178964-3-20P MDK-3100D-06F-20P
178964-5-20P MDK-3100D-10F-20P
1-178802-3-20P MDK-3100S-03P-20P
1-178802-5-20P MDK-3100S-05P-20P
178803-3-20P MDK-3100D-06P-20P
178803-5-20P MDK-3100D-10P-20P
3200 Series
D3200 DK3200
1-178128-2-20P MDK-3200S-02R-20P
1-178128-3-20P MDK-3200S-03R-20P
1-178128-4-20P MDK-3200S-04R-20P
1-179552-2-20P MDK-3200S-02F-20P
1-179552-3-20P MDK-3200S-03F-20P
1-179552-4-20P MDK-3200S-04F-20P
1-179553-2-20P MDK-3200S-02P-20P
1-179553-3-20P MDK-3200S-03P-20P
1-179553-4-20P MDK-3200S-04P-20P
5200 Series
D5200 DK5200
1-179958-2-10P MDK-5200S-02R-10P
1-179958-3-10P MDK-5200S-03R-10P
1-353046-2-10P MDK-5200S-02F-10P
1-353046-3-10P MDK-5200S-03F-10P

5200 Contact
D5200 DK5200
917804-2 MDK-5TABSLP1-100P
316040-2 MDK-5RECSLP1-100P
917805-2 MDK-5TABMLP1-100P
316041-2 MDK-5RECMLP1-100P

3100 / 3200 Common Contact
D3100 / D3200 DK3100 / DK3200
175287-2 MDK-3TABSLP1-100P
175288-2 MDK-3TABMLP1-100P
175289-2 MDK-3TABLLP1-100P
175216-2 MDK-3RECSLP1-100P
175217-2 MDK-3RECMLP1-100P
175218-2 MDK-3RECLLP1-100P

Basic Information

Series Model Dynamic Applicable pin/contact Female (Socket) Application Cable-to-cable
Allowable Voltage(V) 600 Wire connection method Crimping Connection direction Straight
IP Rating N/A Representative standards UL / TUV / CSA Detaching Method Others

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