COMBICON Plug Connector with Screw Flange

COMBICON Plug Connector with Screw Flange

Manufactured by Phoenix Contact. Device Net standard connector for completely fixing screws.

  • UL
  • CSA
  • For Signal
  • Sensor
  • DeviceNet
  • Screw Type
  • Tin-Plated
  • Gold Plated
  • Screw Lock
  • 300 V

● This is a connector that comprises reliable screw connection technology.
● The 5-pole connectors are already approved as DeviceNet connectors.
● Single wire and stranded wire can be connected.
● Available for sale from Misumi with a changed manufacturer model number.
● Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact

· The mating combination is the socket header.
· Dedicated connector for DeviceNet is 5-pole only.
· Gold plating is 5-pole only. (Others: Tin-plated)
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COMBICON Plug Connector with Screw Flange:Related Image

Standards and Ratings

SpecificationCompatible Electric WireRated VoltageRated Current
IEC/VDE0.2 ~ 2.524 ~ 12250V12A
UL30 ~ 12200V10A
CSA28 ~ 12300V10A

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship RoHSNumber of cores

4 Days or more


4 Days or more


4 Days or more


4 Days or more


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Common Specifications of Resin Connectors for DeviceNet


Item VDE Rating UL Rating CSA Rating
Rated Voltage 250 VAC 300 VAC 300 VAC
Rated Current 12 A 10 A 10 A
Compatible Wire AWG24 ~ 12
0.2 ~ 2.5 mm2
AWG30 ~ 12 AWG28 ~ 12


Material Specifications Plug Side Socket Side
Metal Part    
Live Metal Part Phosphor Bronze-based Copper Alloy Phosphor Bronze-based Copper Alloy
Surface Treatment * Tin-plated * Tin-plated
Insulation Material    
Insulation Material Polyamide Resin PBTP Resin
Color Green Color Green Color
Quality of Insulation Material OK
Temperature Display (UL746B) 125°C 140°C
Temperature during Operation (IEC216-1)    
High Temperature 100°C 120°C
Low Temperature -40°C -40°C
Tracking Characteristics (IEC 112/DIN
CTI600 CTI225
Combustion Characteristics    
UL94 V2 V0
IEC707 FH2-20  
* Only products with "Au" at the end of part number are gold-plated. Gold Plating Thickness: 0.8 μm (Technical specification is subject to change.)

● Connector for DeviceNet...
5-pole COMBICON is certified as a DeviceNet connector by ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association Inc.) (ODVA Vendor ID: 562). Gold plating of the contact point strongly reduces contact resistance and ensures reliable conduction. Furthermore, when connecting dedicated thick DeviceNet cables using flanged products, you can have confidence that the plug will not become disengaged from the socket.
● Terminal blocks with a pole number of your choice can be set consecutively, allowing for easy and tidy wiring.

Common Specifications for Lever-type Connectors

● Unlike previous compact nylon connectors, this new type of small nylon connectors from the ML-4500 series does not require a dedicated tool.
● Use of a button lock mechanism improves the connection with both stranded wire and thin single wire.
● Compatible with both single and stranded wire.
● Plug and receptacle have a structure for preventing reverse insertion.


Rating 300 VDC - 10 A
Peak Voltage 2,000 VAC (1 min)
Insulation Resistance 500 VDC, 100 MΩ or more
Contact Resistance (Initial Value) 20 mΩ or less
Standard Acquired UL Standard (for Field Wiring), C-UL Standard,
TÜV Standard (IEC61984)
Pole Number (P) 2, 3, 4
Main Insulation Material Body: Nylon 66 (UL94V-0), Buttons: Nylon 66 (UL94V-0)
Rated Compatible Electric Wire Single Wire: φ1.2 mm (AWG16), Stranded Wire: φ1.25 mm (2 AWG16)
Usable Wire Range Single Wire: φ0.4 mm ~ φ1.6 mm (AWG26 - AWG14)
Stranded Wire: 0.2 mm2 ~ 2.0 mm (2 AWG24 - AWG14)
Standard Stripped Wire Length 10 mm
Recommended Compatible Tool Flathead Screwdriver * For the push-in button type any tool can be used

Basic Information

Series Model Device Net Application Cable-to-cable Allowable Current(A) 10 / 12
Allowable Voltage(V) 250 / 300 Wire connection method Screw-fastened Connection direction Straight
IP Rating N/A Representative standards UL / CSA Allowable Voltage 2 AC(V) IEC / VDE 250V UL / CSA 300V
Allowable Current 2(A) IEC / VDE 12A UL / CSA 10A Detaching Method Others

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