Alligator Clip/6 Color Harness Set【6 Pieces Per Package】 (Part Numbers)

Alligator Clip/6 Color Harness Set

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6 color alligator clip harness (red, black, green, white, yellow, blue). L wire length dimension of 0.5 m.

  • Nickel-Plated

● This product has a wire preinstalled for use in testing.
● As it is a set of 6 colors, different colors can be used to suit the purpose of the test.

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1 set unit 6 Pieces

Model Number Rated Current Insulation Rated Voltage Operating Temperature Range L A B Applicable Wire Weight g
C-4-ASET-R 3A PVC AC125V -5°C to 60°C 0.5 m 60 14.1 UL
C-4-BSET-R 2A 48 10 4.67
C-4-CSET-R 1A 38 10 3.67

● Set contents: Red, Black, Green, White, Yellow, Blue

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Alligator Clip/6 Color Harness Set:Related Image

Part Number
Part NumberNumber of pc(s). included in pkg.Volume DiscountDays to Ship Rated Current

6 Pieces Per Package

4 Days or more


6 Pieces Per Package

4 Days or more


6 Pieces Per Package

4 Days or more



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About Combinations

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Category Alligator Clip Color Others Operating Temperature Range(°C) -5 ~ 60

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