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Heat Shrink Tubing - SUMITUBE SA2 Waterproof Series【5-10 Pieces Per Package】

Heat Shrink Tubing - SUMITUBE SA2 Waterproof Series

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SUMITUBE SA2 Waterproof series heat shrink tubing.

● Excellent adhesion to metal, polyolefin and PVC.
● A high shrinkage rate with adhesive filling that provides waterproofing for parts where multiple wires are connected.
● Higher waterproofing and liquid resistance compared to SMTW3F2 serie tubing.
● Made of Sumitomo Electric's fine polymer SUMITUBE SA2 material.
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Specification Table

1 pack5/10 pcs incl.
*Includes internal layer thickness
ModelColorPack CapacitySize Before Shrinking (mm)Size After Shrinking (mm)Weight
Internal Diameter (minimum value)Tube wall thickness* (reference)Internal Diameter (minimum value)Tube wall thickness* (reference)Internal layer thickness (reference value)
SMTSA2-5.8-CUTPACK-610Black610 mm
x 10 pcs
SMTSA2-10.9-CUTPACK-610610 mm
x 5 pcs

Overview of Specifications

PropertiesItemCharacteristic ValuesRepresentative Values *1
Mechanical CharacteristicsTensile Strength *210.4 MPa or more31.7 MPa
Stretch300% or more558%
Thermal Shock225°C×4 hour, without cracksPass
Heat-Resistance130°C×7 days, without cracksPass
Second modulus *2150 MPa or more200.8 MPa
Dynamic Cut-Through134 N or more597.2 N
Electrical CharacteristicsInsulation pressure strength19.7 kV/mm or more22.7 kV/mm
Volume resistivity1.0×1012 Ω・cm or more1.2×1015 Ω・cm
Chemical CharacteristicsWater Absorption
23°C×24 hours, 0.50% or less0.28%
Combustion RateSAEJ1128, extinguishes within 70 sec.Pass
After Mounting
Test Method: Sumitomo Electric fine polymer method (leakage current of 0.25 μA or less after the tests below)
・ Heat Aging (125°C×1,008 hours)
・ Heat cycle (125 cycles of 125°C / 30 min, -40°C / 30 min)
・ Liquid Resistance (immersed for 2 hours or more in brake oil, engine coolant, ASTM#3, automatic transmission oil, etc.)
*1: Not guaranteed values
*2: Tensile strength and second modulus are calculated using cross-sectional areas of the external layer
Basic Characteristics
MaterialExternal layer: Electron beam crosslinked semi-rigid flame retardant
Polyolefin Resin
Internal layer: Thermofusion adhesive
Shrink Completion Temperature115°C or above
Shrinkage RateInternal Diameter Shrinkage Rate 75% or more
Length Change Factor -10% or more
Continuous Operable Temperature-30 to 105°C
Rated Voltage300 V
Part Number
Part NumberNumber of pc(s). included in pkg.Volume DiscountDays to Ship Internal diameter (before contraction)
Wall Thickness (after shrinking)
Inner Diameter
Quantity / Pack

10 Pieces Per Package

4 Days


10 Pieces Per Package

4 Days

5 Pieces Per Package

4 Days

5 Pieces Per Package

4 Days


  1. 1

Basic Information

Shrinkage factor 4:1 Material Polyolefin Color Black
Flame Retardant N/A Adhesive Yes Tube length(mm) 610
Special Function/Application Others Special Functions and Applications (Others) Liquid-proof Continuous Operating Temperature Range (Min) Min(°C) -30
Continuous Operating Temperature Range (Max)Max(°C) 105

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