Ordinary Pressure Gauge (D Frame Embedded Type, φ75) (Part Numbers)

Ordinary Pressure Gauge (D Frame Embedded Type, φ75)

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· Pressure gauge with a simple structure that displays the elastic deformation (movement) of the Bourdon tube with an indication needle, allowing easy handling.
· Embedded type where the pressure inlet port is located on the back.
· JIS B 7505-1 standard product.

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Pressure Range
Minimum Scale
Material Details Trusco Code Mass
Case Shape

4 Days or more

-0.1~00.002Bourdon Tube: Brass, Stock: Brass169-2879400D

4 Days or more

0–0.10.002Bourdon Tube: Brass, Stock: Brass169-2763400D

4 Days or more

0–0.40.01Bourdon Tube: Brass, Stock: Brass169-2798400D

4 Days or more

0~0.60.01Bourdon Tube: Brass, Stock: Brass169-2801400D

4 Days or more

0~0.160.005Bourdon Tube: Brass, Stock: Brass169-2771400D

4 Days or more

0~0.250.005Bourdon Tube: Brass, Stock: Brass169-2780400D

4 Days or more

0~1.00.02Bourdon Tube: Brass, Stock: Brass169-2810400D

4 Days or more

0~1.60.05Bourdon Tube: Brass, Stock: Brass169-2828400D

4 Days or more

0–2.50.05Bourdon Tube: Brass, Stock: Brass169-2836400D

4 Days or more

0~4.00.1Bourdon Tube: Stainless Steel (SUS316), Stock: Brass169-2844400D

4 Days or more

0~6.00.1Bourdon Tube: Stainless Steel (SUS316), Stock: Brass169-2852400D

4 Days or more

0–100.2Bourdon Tube: Stainless Steel (SUS316), Stock: Brass169-2861400D


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Basic Information

Product Model General-Purpose Pressure Gauge Specifications JIS B7505-1 Material Brass
Use Constant pressure measurement of gas or liquid Accuracy ±1.6% FS Size(mm) 75
Connector Size G3/8B

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