General Purpose Temperature Sensor for Semi-Solid and Liquid BS Series

· The BS series is an internal temperature sensor suitable for measuring liquids and semi-solids, etc.
· Can be combined with a protective tube with variable diameter, length, and coating depending on the usage.

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Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Ship Measurement Temperature Range
Details Type Head Size
Pipe Length
With/without Grip Cord Type Cord length
Plug shape Tolerance
Response Speed
Pipe Material Repairability

12 Days or more

-200~300Type E1.5100Without GripSilicon1Standard plug±2.51.5Stainless SteelUnrepairable

4 Days or more

-200~500Type E2.1100With GripSilicon1Standard plug0~300℃:±2.5℃/400℃:±3.0℃/500℃:±3.8℃2.5Stainless SteelUnrepairable

5 Days or more

-200~500Type K2.1100With GripSilicon1Standard plug0~300℃:±2.5℃/400℃:±3.0℃/500℃:±3.8℃2.5Stainless SteelUnrepairable

4 Days or more

-200~500Type E3.0300With GripSilicon1Standard plug0~300℃:±2.5℃/400℃:±3.0℃/500℃:±3.8℃3Stainless SteelUnrepairable

4 Days or more

-200~500Type K3.0300With GripSilicon1Standard plug0~300℃:±2.5℃/400℃:±3.0℃/500℃:±3.8℃3Stainless SteelUnrepairable

16 Days or more

-200~300Type E0.930Without GripSilicon1Standard plug±2.50.5Stainless SteelUnrepairable

4 Days or more

-200~300Type K0.930Without GripSilicon1Standard plug±2.50.5Stainless SteelUnrepairable


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Basic Information

Product Model Thermometer (External Sensor Type) Pipe Shape(°) Straight

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