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Alarm & Buzzer Accessories

Alarm/buzzer (optional/other) is a general term for alarms that emit an alarm by sound or voice, and accessories such as speakers and adapters required for the buzzer. There are speakers, transmitters/receivers, and zero-phase current transformers. A speaker is a device that converts sensed smoke or heat into sound. There are horn types and square shapes. A transmitter/receiver is a product that wirelessly transmits a signal received by the transmitter to the receiver. Because it can be activated by dry cell batteries, it can be carried around or installed outdoors. Zero-phase current transformers are current transformers that detect earth leakage. A buzzer sounds when an earth leakage is detected. Since there are types for both outdoor and indoor as well as through type and split type, it is necessary to select a zero-phase current transformer that matches the outer diameter of the cable used.

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