Fuses are electronic components that protect the electrical circuit and connected electrical appliances, preventing overheating or fires. They interrupt abnormal electrical current coursing through the electrical circuit. Glass tube fuses are generally used in electrical circuits; others include alarm indicator fuses, low voltage current limiting fuses, etc. They are made of metal alloy material that combine tin, copper, etc. Fuse characteristics vary by type of fuse and indicate the interrupting capacity in the event that the current exceeds the set value. Other types of fuse include those with heat-resistant treatment on the contact terminals, those with better durability for a longer lifespan, etc. Choosing the wrong fuse will result in abnormal current left uninterrupted, which will become increasingly dangerous. For this reason, it is important to select the type suited to the application according to circuit voltage, stationary current, mounting method, operating environment, fuse characteristics, etc.
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