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Other fuses are fuses with specifications or applications that are different from general-purpose fuses. Typical examples include micro fuses used on through-hole mount circuit boards and chip fuses used on surface mount circuit boards. These are all non-resettable fuses. The other fuses category also includes warning fuses where the spring extends when the fuse is blown to activate an alarm contact installed inside the fuse or in the holder itself; low-voltage current-limiting fuses that are used to protect low-voltage mainlines; and high-voltage current-limiting fuses that have excellent current limiting and energization performance. Specifications, ratings and other information must be checked in advance, because other fuses are often used under special conditions. For example, usage limitations are applied to specific chemicals in some products.

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Rated voltage(V)
Rated current(A)
Breaking capacity(kA)
Fusing property
Lead wire
Fuse size
Operating surrounding temperature
Representative standards

    Micro Fuse HM Series

      F-7170 Series (SATOPARTS)




      Product Series

      Micro Fuse HM Series

      F-7170 Series (SATOPARTS)

      Days to Ship 4 Days 4 Days
      TypeFor Circuit BoardsTube Type
      Rated voltage(V)250 AC ~ 250 DCAC250
      Rated current(A)-5 ~ 30
      Breaking capacity(kA)0.05 (250 V AC/DC)-
      Fusing propertyCutoffB type
      Lead wirePresentNone
      Fuse sizeOtherΦ 15 × 50 mm
      Operating surrounding temperatureOther25℃±5℃
      Representative standardsUL / CSAPSE


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