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Thermal Relays(Motor capacity AC200V to 220V class:5.5/19)

A thermal relay is a type of relay that protects a motor from overcurrent. It is called "thermal relay" because it operates after detecting a rise in the temperature of the motor coil. In some designs, the terminals are equipped with a cover to improve safety by protecting against electric shocks during maintenance or inspection. Most thermal relays are composed of a heater element and bi-metal section. When current flows through the heater element, the bi-metal section bends and the contacts open. If the relay is activated, eliminate the cause before restarting operation. Types include an automatic type that resets automatically after activation, and a manual type where the user resets the relay by pressing a button after the bi-metal has cooled. Because a thermal relay itself does not have a shut-off function, it is usually used in combination with an electromagnetic contactor.

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Motor capacity AC200V to 220V class(kW/A)
Number of electrodes
Auxiliary contact
Representative standards
Dimension length(mm)
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    Thermal Relay (MISUMI)



    Product Series

    Thermal Relay (MISUMI)

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    • Meets CE marking
    • Meets VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies standards)
    • Meets BS (British Standards)
    • Meets standards defined by IEC (International electrotechnical Commission)
    Motor capacity AC200V to 220V class(kW/A)5.5/19
    Number of electrodes3
    Auxiliary contact1a1b
    Representative standardsCE
    Dimension length(mm)74.6
    Dimension width(mm)45
    Dimension thickness(mm)90


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