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Line Tape & Conductive Tape

Line tape and conductive tape are used for marking, as an antistatic measure or as electromagnetic shielding. Line tape types include those made from fabric and film. The fabric type has a lower adhesive strength than the film type, but it can be cut by hand and does not require a cutter or other tool. The film type has higher adhesive strength than the fabric type, but requires a cutting tool to cut. Conductive tape types include those made from aluminum foil, copper foil and fabric. The copper foil type consists of conductive adhesive directly fixed to the copper foil. The aluminum foil type consists of insulating glass cloth and conductive adhesive under an aluminum layer. The conductive adhesive fabric tape is made of silver-coated nylon woven cloth with a carbon coating, and the corrosion and electrolytic corrosion-resistant non-woven cloth ensure minimal stretching or shrinking due to temperature changes.

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