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Electrical Board Window Frames

A window frame is a board part mounted onto a panel or cabinet. This is mounted to enable the reading of instruments on a power receiving board, switch board or control panel. Window frames are made from materials such as rubber, aluminum, steel plate and resin. Select a type according to the mounting or installation location. Shape types such as square or circular are available to suit the instruments to be checked. Circular and domed types are used for applications such as storing monitoring cameras. Wired glass and reinforced glass types are available. Wired glass has excellent fire prevention and shatter-resistant performance, because the wires prevent the glass from shattering and flying out even if it cracks. The features of reinforced glass are its strength and that it breaks into granular chunks when broken to prevent hazards. When installing onto the panel of an outdoor installation, the recommended types are those with a waterproof structure, corrosion-proof anodized coating or UV cut film. Some windows are made from polycarbonate and can be opened to observe inside.

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