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Headsets & Microphones

A headset / microphone is a device that integrates headphones, earphones, and a microphone for talking through communication devices. It is used in video conferencing and call center operations. Since the microphone is fundamentally positioned at the mouth, there is no need to hold a microphone in your hand, and you can talk even when your hands are full. There are two types: ones that you wear on your head, and ones that hook on at the left and right. Usually, there is a connection cable to connect them to a communication device. However, some wireless products support Bluetooth. There is also a sort of headset / microphone that is a microphone without headphones or earphones. Models with a stand can be fixed onto a desk. They are broadly divided into two types: omnidirectional microphones, which can collect sound widely, and unidirectional microphones, which help to reduce ambient noise.

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