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International Standard Compliant Power Strips(Supported countries (standards):US (UL))

International standard compliant power strips are power strips for overseas use. There are eight types of plugs and outlets including B type and C type in addition to A type used in Japan. The type to use differs from country to country, and it is necessary to confirm that the Japanese standard power strip is not always available overseas. In addition, since the electrical standards are different in each country and are regulated by law, it is necessary to check and select the electrical standards of the country of use, such as the BS standard in the UK and the UL and NEMA standards in the United States. Please note that it does not comply with the Japanese Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act (PSE) and its use in Japan is prohibited. If you use a multinational standard type that supports PSE, it can be used in Japan.

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Product Series
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Number of Insertion Openings/Split Openings
Cable length(m)
Allowable Power(W)
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Rated voltage(V)
Supported countries (standards)

    OA Tap - UL/CSA Compatible (MISUMI)



    Product Series

    OA Tap - UL/CSA Compatible (MISUMI)

    Days to Ship Same Day

    Stock Items Included

    • Meets UL standards based on Canadian standards
    Number of Insertion Openings/Split Openings6
    Cable length(m)1.8
    Allowable Power(W)1500
    Rated current(A)15
    Rated voltage(V)120
    Supported countries (standards)Other ~ US (UL)


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