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Image Sensor Cables

Image sensor cables are for connecting a CVS to a PC or frame grabber, etc. Types include those use for fixed wiring and types connected for each use without being fixed. Lengths up to 25 m are available for each type. All cables have excellent mountability, and some types have a flex-resistant performance for up to 10 million cycles. Many types can be operated remotely for efficient importing of videos and images. A wide range of high-performance cables are available that can be used with CameraLink, PoCL and PoCLLite. Select the cable according to the CVS type, such as a type with SDR on both ends, a combination of MDR and SDR, or a type with MDR on both ends. Types are also available that can be specified by lengths of 10 cm, enabling length adjustment to eliminate excess length. Some types of output not only video data, but can also supply power.

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