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Cooling & Heating Supplies

Cooling and heating supplies are a general term for air-conditioning products, etc., installed at workplaces and houses. They are indispensable to avoid heat strokes and cold injuries. Fans, factory fans and circulators are used to send out winds for heat-prevention measures. Factory fans generate the strongest wind power, followed by circulators then fans; it is necessary to select the product with the wind power that best suits the site. For the purpose of cooling down the air temperature, portable air conditioners and cooling fans are used. They are, so to speak, a miniature version of air conditioners that can be carried around. Other than those, there is also a way to cool down body temperature by using mist fans that send out water mist. Far infrared heaters and gas heaters are used as cold-countermeasure supplies. Some of them can be used outdoors including the ones used in campsites. Air conditioners are equipped with both cooling and heating functions. Cooling and heating supplies, other than air conditioners, are used in the environments where air conditioners cannot be used, or for enhancing the effects of air conditioners. Aside from the equipment, ice packs, heat-stroke preventive products and antifreeze agents are also included in this category.