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Groundskeeping Equipment

Green conservation products are tools used for maintaining trees, lawns and flower beds in gardens and parks. They include motorized products such as chainsaws, engine cultivators, lawnmowers, sprinklers and engine hedge trimmers, cutting tools such as weeding sickles, Higonokami folding knives, sickles, hatchets and gardening scissors, and other tools for maintaining trees, plants and flowers, as well as artificial turf. Lawnmowers are available in an engine-operated mechanical type suitable for a vast lawn, as well as electronic and manual types. Many mechanical lawnmowers are cordless and can be used in any outdoor environment, and there are many lightweight products as well. As for hedge trimmers, a long-handled type that can trim high unreachable places is useful. When working for hours over an extensive area, there are products with an extension cord that is 10 m or longer.