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Sanitation & Cleaning Supplies

Hygiene products are supplies used for improvement of hygienic status particularly at research facilities and places where food is dealt with. There is a wide range of product lineup for the purpose of preventing contaminants, disinfecting, keeping the areas’ sanitary, etc. Hygiene product types include products that can sanitize hands and fingers easily without using water, water ozonator which has disinfecting effects with minimum influences to human body, deodorizer which can be also used for fabric products, hand dryers to avoid the bacteria propagation by the use of towels, and more. Hygiene products are used not only at places where food, etc., are dealt with, but also for hygiene management of places having heavy traffic of people. Aside from those, hygiene products include aluminum foil, paper, and wrapping products to remove dripping from food for preservation in a clean condition. Work gloves have a wide range of types, such as heat-resistant type, tear-resistant type that is suitable for work using kitchen knives, etc.