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Forming Taps(Thread Size (Nominal):M27)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Thread Types
Thread Size (Nominal)
Pitch (P), Thread Count(mm)
Number of Chamfered Threads (Lcf)
Tool Material Type
Work Material
Tap Model
Bore Model
Coating Presence
Coating Type
Overall Length (L)(mm)

    Grooveless Tap Series X Performer S-XPF



    Product Series

    Grooveless Tap Series X Performer S-XPF

    Days to Ship 5 Days or more
    Thread TypesMeter
    Thread Size (Nominal)M27
    Pitch (P), Thread Count(mm)3
    Number of Chamfered Threads (Lcf)2P
    Tool Material TypePowdered High-Speed Steel
    Work MaterialLow-Carbon Steel (C Content of 0.25% or Less)[◎] / Medium-Carbon Steel (C Content 0.25 - 0.45%)[◎] / High-Carbon Steel (C Content Exceeding 0.45%)[◎] / Alloy Steel (SCM)[◎] / Stainless Steel (SUS)[◎] / Heat-Treated Steel (25 - 35 HRC)[◎] / Heat-Treated Steel (35 - 45 HRC)[◎] / Cast Steel (SC)[○] / Copper (Cu)[◎] / Brass (Bs)[◎] / Brass Cast Iron (BsC)[◎] / Rolled Aluminum Material (AL)[◎] / Cast Aluminum Alloy (AC, ADC)[◎] / Zinc Alloy Castings (ZDC)[◎]
    Tap ModelRolled Tap
    Bore ModelFor Through Holes / For Blind Holes
    Coating PresenceIncluded
    Coating TypeTiCN
    Overall Length (L)(mm)160


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