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Clamping Parts (for Hand Tightening)

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  • Screw Jack

    Screw Jack


    SJK-K model is furnished with a through hole in the center of the jack to allow the jack to be fastened by a bolt or the like. SJK model can be used with No. E-175A attachment.

    Days to Ship
    4 Days
  • Clamp Support Screw Jack 

    Clamp Support Screw Jack 


    Convenient for supporting various clamps. Two or three can be connected if a single screw is not effective or is lacking in height. The use of an attachment makes it easy to support unusually shaped objects.

    • Volume Discount
    Days to Ship
    4 Days
  • High Lock Screw

    High Lock Screw【1-5 Pieces Per Package】


    Firmly clamp workpieces without damaging them

    Days to Ship
    4 Days
  • Injeck Clamp Q-model

    Injeck Clamp Q-model


    Makes it easy to clamping to mold bases. Clamp and step block are connected to prevent loss. Oblong hole is open to allow for easy attachment and detachment from the side. Can be adjusted to 4 different heights by changing the position of the step block of the main unit.

    Days to Ship
    4 Days
  • Round Seat, Flat Model

    Round Seat, Flat Model


    Made of S45C (raw material).

    Days to Ship
    7 Days
  • Round Seat, Counter Bores Mounted Model

    Round Seat, Counter Bores Mounted Model


    Made of S45C (raw material).

    Days to Ship
    7 Days


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