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Clamp Unit (for Hand Tightening)

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  • TAK Clamp (Eccentric Washer Cam Clamp) 

    TAK Clamp (Eccentric Washer Cam Clamp) 


    Easy clamping just by fastening bolts. For processing many small workpieces

    Days to Ship
    4 Days
  • Holding Clamp Set 

    Holding Clamp Set 


    Supplied with a hex bar wrench. Complete fastening with sliding mechanism. One-point attachment and detachment allow time reduction. For full surface machining of the work piece and perforating. Complete heat treatment allows semi-permanent use. Floating prevention mechanism type.

    Days to Ship
    4 Days
  • Toa Adjust Clamp

    Toa Adjust Clamp【2 Pieces Per Package】


    Ideal for clamping thin workpieces. Fastening while depressing the toe (hook) keeps the workpiece from lifting up. Toe (hook) is quenched for durability.

    Days to Ship
    4 Days or more


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