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Lathes are machines where the object to be machined is secured in a chuck and cut with tools such as blades while being rotated. They are characterized by the ability to perform various machining work such as "turning" where the outside of the workpiece is made to be cylindrical, "tapering" where the tip is gradually made thinner, "boring" where holes are made, and "thread cutting" where male and female threads are made. They are good for machining mainly cylindrical (cylindrical rods) and disc-shaped workpieces. There are multiple types of lathes, so the most appropriate one can be selected according to the application. Those with a general basic structure are called "general-purpose lathes." They have 2 machining shafts and are manually operated to cut. There are also compact lathes called bench lathes. "Benchtop lathes" that can be used on a benchtop are machines suitable for machining small parts and the like.

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