Thermometer / Hygrometer(Primary color:Pink)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Model
Measurement Temperature Range(°C)
Minimum Temperature Display(°C)
Drip-proof/waterproof function
Operating Temperature Range(°C)
Minimum humidity display(%RH)
Measurement moisture range(%RH)
Heat stroke index display range(°C)
Primary color
Color after discoloration

    Portable Heat Stroke and Illness Checker



    Product Series

    Portable Heat Stroke and Illness Checker

    Days to Ship 4 Days or more
    Product ModelHeat Stroke Index Monitor
    Measurement Temperature Range(°C)0–50
    Minimum Temperature Display(°C)0.1
    Drip-proof/waterproof functionNone
    Operating Temperature Range(°C)-
    Minimum humidity display(%RH)1
    Measurement moisture range(%RH)20~90
    Heat stroke index display range(°C)-
    Primary colorPink
    Color after discoloration-


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