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Water Quality / Moisture Measuring Instrument(Measurement range:5:5.0~9.5)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Model
Measurement range(Bri x %)
Measurement range(%)
Measurement range(pH)
Measurement range(S/m)
Measurement range(mg/L)
Water Quality-Based Specifications
Densitometer Features
Refractometer Features

    Simple Pack



    Product Series

    Simple Pack

    Days to Ship 10 Days or more
    Product ModelWater Quality Meter
    Measurement range(Bri x %)-
    Measurement range(%)-
    Measurement range(pH)5:5.0~9.5
    Measurement range(S/m)-
    Measurement range(mg/L)-
    Water Quality-Based Specifications-
    Densitometer Features-
    Refractometer Features-


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