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Hex Keys(Two-sided Width Size:3/4)

Hex keys are tools used when securing or loosening hex socket head bolts (cap bolts) or hex socket head set screws. They feature tips with regular hexagonal head shape. There are various types of hex key shapes, including screwdriver type straight-shape, L-shape, T-shape, and foldable. Ease of use differs for each according to the situation, so they must be selected according to the application they are used for. The tip is a standard regular hexagonal shape, but there are also ballpoint shaped ones and the like. Hexagonal shaped ones have a hexagonal hole in the bolt, and ballpoint shaped ones have a rounded tip. Ballpoint shapes one thus can be inserted at an angle for temporary tightening work.

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Tip Model
Two-sided Width Size(mm)
Two-sided Width Size(Inch)
Single Item / Set
Total Length (L Size)(mm)
Hex Neck Length (H Size) L-Model Only(mm)

    Short Type L-Shape Hex Key - 1/20in to 3/4in, 351Z Series (WIHA)



    Product Series

    Short Type L-Shape Hex Key - 1/20in to 3/4in, 351Z Series (WIHA)

    Days to Ship 5 Days
    ModelL-shaped Hex Wrench
    Tip ModelStandard Type
    Two-sided Width Size(mm)-
    Two-sided Width Size(Inch)3/4
    Single Item / SetSingle Item
    Total Length (L Size)(mm)198
    Hex Neck Length (H Size) L-Model Only(mm)89


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