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Socket Wrenches(Single Item / Set:Set Parts Extension Bar)

Socket wrenches are work tools that consist of a handle and socket used to turn screws, bolts and nuts. By replacing the socket, you can address many work situations with a single handle. Depending on the handle configuration, you are capable of fast rotating actions and applying higher torque than usual. Normally, sockets are hexagonal bolts and nuts. In addition, bit sockets, universal sockets and hexagon sockets are used. The most commonly used type of handle is the ratchet handle. There are other types as well, including a spinner handle and a handle with a sliding head. Both sockets and handles are available in various options, so you can choose a suitable product according to the application.

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Single Item / Set
Drive (For Electric Drill, Shaft Dimension) (mm)
Socket Shape
Flat Width (Dimension S)
Drive (For Electric Drill, Shaft Dimension) (Inches)
Total Length (L Size)(mm)

    2WAY Extension Bar


    SK 11

    Product Series

    2WAY Extension Bar

    Days to Ship 4 Days
    Single Item / SetSet Parts Extension Bar
    UseManual Operation
    Drive (For Electric Drill, Shaft Dimension) (mm)6.35 ~ 12.7
    Socket ShapeJoint Type
    Flat Width (Dimension S)-
    Drive (For Electric Drill, Shaft Dimension) (Inches)1/2 ~ 3/8
    Total Length (L Size)(mm)50 ~ 250


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