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Pliers / Nippers / Pincers(Suitable Ring Sizes:6-10)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Category
Pliers Type
Plier Type
Overall Length(mm)
Shaft / Hole
Iron Wire Cutting Capacity(mmφ)
Copper Wire Cutting Capacity(mmφ)
Piano Wire Cutting Capacity(mmφ)
Plastic Cutting Capacity(mmφ)
Strand Wire Cutting Capacity(mmφ)
Stainless Steel Cutting Capacity(mmφ)
VA Wire (VVF) Cutting Capacity(mmφ)
Tip Replacement Availability
Tip Diameter(mm)
Suitable Ring Sizes(mm)
Parts Model

    Snap Ring Pliers (for Use with Holes)

      Double Ring Pliers


      Trusco Nakayama

      H AND H

      Product Series

      Snap Ring Pliers (for Use with Holes)

      Double Ring Pliers

      Days to Ship 4 Days or more 4 Days or more
      Product CategoryPlierPlier
      Pliers TypeSnap Ring Pliers-
      Plier Type--
      Overall Length(mm)155 ~ 160155
      Shaft / HoleFor Holes-
      SpringNot IncludedNot Included
      Iron Wire Cutting Capacity(mmφ)-1
      Copper Wire Cutting Capacity(mmφ)-1.8
      Piano Wire Cutting Capacity(mmφ)--
      Plastic Cutting Capacity(mmφ)--
      Strand Wire Cutting Capacity(mmφ)--
      Stainless Steel Cutting Capacity(mmφ)--
      VA Wire (VVF) Cutting Capacity(mmφ)--
      Tip Replacement AvailabilityNot IncludedNot Included
      Tip Diameter(mm)--
      Suitable Ring Sizes(mm)6-106-10
      Parts Model-Ring for Snap Ring Pliers


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