Screwdrivers (Insulated)(Tip Size Plus (+):No.00)

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Product Series
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Standards for Tip Shape
Tip Size Plus (+)
Tip Size / Minus (-) Blade Width(mm)
Single Item / Set Classification
Shaft Length(mm)
Overall Length(mm)
Tip Size / Minus (-) Blade Thickness(mm)
Tip Opposite Side Dimensions(mm)
Applicable Standard

    Insulated Precision Phillips Screwdriver



    Product Series

    Insulated Precision Phillips Screwdriver

    Days to Ship 4 Days or more
    Standards for Tip ShapePlus (+)
    Tip Size Plus (+)No.00
    Tip Size / Minus (-) Blade Width(mm)-
    Single Item / Set ClassificationSingle Item
    Shaft Length(mm)50
    Overall Length(mm)145
    Tip Size / Minus (-) Blade Thickness(mm)-
    Tip Opposite Side Dimensions(mm)-
    Applicable StandardEuropean Standard EN60900


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