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Polishers (Electric)

Polishers are machines that rotate a disk-shaped pad or buff to efficiently clean or polish. They are used when polishing automobiles or for uses including polishing floors, stairs, and hallway handrails. They are separated into AC-powered and rechargeable types, and there are 3 types of rotation: single-action where polishing is done with a single type of rotation, gear action where polishing is done by adding irregular rotational movement, and double-action where polishing is done by rotational movement and eccentric movement. Features include different polishing force and being for scratch removal, intermediate finishing, and final finishing. There are 2 types of buff attached to polishers: wool and sponge (urethane) materials. Wool, with the high polishing ability and excellent cutting capabilities come in 2 types: hard and soft. The sponginess of urethane material has less polishing ability than wool, but does not scratch as easily. They are separated by grain roughness into medium, fine, uneven fine type, extra fine, and ultra-fine particle.

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