Chip Saw(Cutting Ability:D19 or Less)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Work Material
Cutting Ability(mm)
Cutting Performance (Iron and Steel)(mm)
Cutting Performance (Stainless)(mm)
Major Diameter(mm)
Blade Thickness(mm)
Number of Flutes(P)

    Chip Saw for Reinforced Steel FD



    Product Series

    Chip Saw for Reinforced Steel FD【5 Pieces Per Package】

    Days to Ship 8 Days or more
    Work MaterialReinforcement Bars
    Cutting Ability(mm)D19 or Less
    Cutting Performance (Iron and Steel)(mm)-
    Cutting Performance (Stainless)(mm)-
    Major Diameter(mm)110
    Blade Thickness(mm)1.5
    Number of Flutes(P)24


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