Tool for Removing Electrostatic Foreign Objects(Page2)

Antistatic foreign matter removal tools are a series of items that prevent damage to electronic products and circuits due to electric discharge machining and protect them from dust. There are various materials and shapes, such as ESD foam made of urethane or polyethylene, static elimination brushes using organic conductive ultra fine fibers with self-discharge power, a gel sheet and pen rubber using the self-adhesive power of special urethane gel, etc. ESD foams are mainly used for storing, transporting, etc. precision components such as ICs that are easily affected by static electricity. Since the static elimination brush can remove static and remove dust without damaging the circuit board, it is useful for removing the dish of a micro scale, contaminant, dust during substrate manufacturing, etc. There are also conductive polypropylene parts trays, conductive paint sprays, conductive cable ties, etc.

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