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Lobtex Files(Product Model:Needle Type)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Model
Nominal Size
Nominal Size
Overall Length(mm)
Roughness of the Grain
Particle Size(#)
Roughness of the Grain (Precision File)
Length of Electroplated Section(mm)
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    Diamond File for Precision Use (Lobtex)



    Product Series

    Diamond File for Precision Use (Lobtex)

    Days to Ship 4 Days
    ModelDiamond Electro Deposited Filer
    Product ModelNeedle Type
    Nominal Size-
    Nominal Size-
    Overall Length(mm)140 ~ 200
    Roughness of the Grain-
    Particle Size(#)140 ~ 170
    Roughness of the Grain (Precision File)-
    Length of Electroplated Section(mm)40 ~ 70
    Single Item / SetSingle Item


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