“Precision is our profession”
Mitutoyo, the world’s largest metrology company and also the manufacturer of world’s first 0.1µm micrometer was founded in 1934 by Yehan Numata with one product – the micrometer. Today, Mitutoyo presents its 6,000+ products as integrated, computer-based metrology systems, where they can be interconnected to form closed-loop-measuring networks. Mitutoyo is committed to future product development that applies breakthrough technologies to its full range of dimensional measurement tools, instruments and systems. With the belief that providing high-quality metrology goods and services to its customers will in turn, allow its customers to provide high-quality product to theirs, Mitutoyo continues to develop the most advanced and sophisticated metrology equipment available. “Precision is our profession” is not just the company motto, but also the principle by which every Mitutoyo employee stands when serving our customers.
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