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Power & Light Sources

Power supplies and light sources are devices that provide the voltage and current needed to operate an image processing LED or generate light to illuminate a dark space. Light source types include halogen light sources and LED light sources. Halogen light sources have been available for a long time. They generate light by applying a current to a heating element, which heats brightly. LED light sources generate light through a semiconductor element, and they use less energy and have a longer lifespan than halogen light sources. Low-cost and long-life halogen light sources are also available. The power supply is used to start up or dim these light sources. Types with an excellent dimming function are available, while others vary according to whether the display is digital or analog. The PWM control power supply that is used for dimming in particular changes brightness by repeatedly turning the light ON and OFF at high speed. Power supplies vary according to their heat resistance, output capacity and adjustability. Select according to the application and operating environment.

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